Illinois Limited Scope Representation Lawyers 

At some point in their lives, most people need to retain the services of an attorney for one reason or another. It sometimes comes as a shock to discover how much a lawyer costs. That’s why we created Lawyer for a Day Legal Referral Network. By providing unbundled legal services, we can keep costs low enough that anyone who requires high-quality legal assistance is able to afford it. Unbundled legal services, also referred to as limited scope representation, involve taking on one very specific aspect of a legal matter, rather than the entire case. 

Hire a lawyer through Lawyer for a Day Legal Referral Network and you are entitled to meet with your legal counsel for thirty minutes on the phone or through video chat or in person, whatever your preference. Then, your lawyer will represent you for one court appearance. If you still need legal assistance following that court appearance, simply hire an attorney through Lawyer for a Day’s network again.

To obtain specific information about the cost of retaining an attorney through our network, please visit our pricing page.

Lawyer for a Day Legal Referral Network specializes in these areas:

  • Family Law – Your Illinois family lawyer can assist you with matters such as guardianship, adoption, orders of protection, spousal support, etc. Additionally, you can use Lawyer for a Day’s network to secure an Illinois divorce attorney.

  • Traffic Law – Illinois traffic lawyers hired through Lawyer for a Day can assist you with suspended licenses, DWIs, citations due to operating an uninsured motor vehicle, etc.

  • Landlord/Tenant Law – Illinois landlord-tenant attorneys hired through our network can advise you on rental payment issues, violations of lease agreements, failure-to-repair, claims, etc. Additionally, through Lawyer for a Day, you can hire an eviction lawyer in Illinois.


Lawyer for a Day Legal Referral Network’s goal is to provide everyone with the highest quality legal advice. We look forward to serving you. Please call Lawyer for a Day today!