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Nicolina Gillespie

Niccolina Gillespie is the attorney you want on your side in any family law issue. Niccolina understands first-hand the emotional roller coaster experienced during these difficult times and no person who retains her representation will ever be just a "case."  She prides herself on being upfront and truthful regarding the difficulties of any given case - you will not hear simply what you want to hear with her firm - you will hear what you need to hear to enable you to get the best result possible. 

Niccolina is a superb negotiator, which is important as the majority of family law issues reach settlement without going to trial; yet, she will argue zealously before a judge for her client's rights if a fair settlement cannot be reached.

She passionately represents her clients through all family law proceedings, whether it's divorce (same-sex or opposite-sex), child support, child custody/visitation (parenting plan), alimony, DOR issues, parental alienation, paternity, prenuptial agreements, contempt and enforcement, father's rights, grandparent's rights, mother's rights, relocation issues, and restraining orders.

Niccolina is licensed to practice in Massachusetts. Her main office is in Danvers, but her network of attorneys can serve clients anywhere within the state. 

Niccolina's firm works as a team, and her focus is always on providing YOU with the best representation possible at all times. 

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