Connecticut Lawyers

When the day comes for you to seek out a lawyer—and it’s very likely that day will arise, because we all eventually have legal matters to attend to—you will discover, like many others, that traditional lawyers are far out of financial reach for many people. A price tag of several hundred dollars an hour is beyond the reach of many, if not most. So what happens to people who can’t retain legal counsel when it’s desperately needed?

Lawyer for a Day Legal Referral Network didn’t like that thought. So we established a legal referral network that offers cost-effective legal representation. After paying for the first 3-5 hours upfront, you get a consultation with your $100/hr attorney which can be held in person, on the phone, or via video chat, your attorney will answer your questions, review any legal documents, provide legal counsel, etc. After your consultation, your attorney will begin representing you. This allows our attorneys to work with clients in cost-efficient increments. 

Our attorneys at Lawyer for a Day Legal Referral Network are experts in these areas:

  • Traffic Law – Through Lawyer for a Day, you can hire a Connecticut traffic lawyer with experience in things like traffic ticket defense, criminal and civil motor vehicle offenses, and suspended licenses.

  • Family Law – If you need a Connecticut divorce lawyer or an affordable family lawyer, you can find one through Lawyer for a Day. He or she can guide you through legal matters such as orders of protection, dissolution of marriage, and allocation of parental responsibility.

  • Landlord/Tenant Law – When it comes to keeping a roof over your head, nothing else takes priority. Hire an outstanding landlord tenant lawyer (CT) through Lawyer for a Day and get peace of mind when you receive assistance with anything from eviction to property damage and security deposits.

Lawyer for a Day Legal Referral Network is here to provide you with the best legal services at the most cost-efficient price. Call today to hire an attorney from our network!