Colorado Lawyers

Have you ever been in a situation where you need a lawyer immediately but suddenly discover that traditional lawyer fees of $300+ are far out of your price range? Many people have that unfortunate experience. They run into complex legal matters and then have no way to retain expert counsel because the usual several-hundred-dollars-an-hour cost is far too much for the average person. That’s why we created Lawyer for a Day Legal Referral Network. Our mission is to make sure anyone who needs high-quality legal help gets it, without going broke in the process! 


After paying for the first 3-5 hours upfront, you get a consultation with your attorney which can be held in person, on the phone, or via video chat. Your Lawyer for a Day attorney will answer your questions, review any legal documents, provide legal counsel, etc. After your consultation, your attorney will begin representing you.

Visit our pricing page here to get specific information on how much an attorney retained through Lawyer for a Day costs. You’ll see the difference!

The process for hiring a Lawyer for a Day through our referral network is as follows:

Hire an attorney through our network. Then meet with your legal counsel at your convenience, either by phone, in person, or on a video chat. To learn more about the process, please “How It Works Page” 

Lawyer for a Day Legal Referral Network’s lawyers are experts in the following matters;

  • Family Law – You may have thought you could never find an affordable divorce attorney in Denver, but through Lawyer for a Day, you can! Let our attorneys assist you with matters such as legal separation, paternity tests, and adoption.

  • Landlord/Tenant Law – A good landlord-tenant lawyer in Colorado can be hard to find at a reasonable price—but not if you hire through Lawyer for a Day. Our legal counsel can help you with matters such as eviction, rent matters, and property damage, among others.

  • Traffic Law – Through Lawyer for a Day, you can hire an experienced Colorado traffic lawyer to guide you through matters which include license suspension, illegal U-turn citations, and traffic tickets.

We created Lawyer for a Day Legal Referral Network to guarantee outstanding service at stellar prices. Call Lawyer for a Day today to hire an attorney to guide you through the various details of your legal matters!